I began this blog at the end of my sophomore year of college, and here I am halfway through the fall semester of my senior year. I obviously am terrible at keeping up with things that I try to start. I’m hoping this time I can keep it up; I think it’s good to process thoughts through writing, even though I don’t do it much. I’ve been going through old notebooks recently and have been finding some little snippets here and there of me processing my breakup with a guy that took a few years to really be official and permanent. The last time I saw him was actually about a month after I wrote the first blog post here, so I’ve had some time to really process and fully get over everything that happened. I decided I am going to post some of the snippets I find on this blog here and there as I come across them, even if they’re not good writing and I’m not even sure what type of literature they would be classified as. It’s so far behind me I hardly think about it, but my relationship and getting over it was a pretty big part of my college experience and of me growing as a person, and I think it’s important to not sweep things that shaped who you are under a rug. So to start, I’m going to post something I found today I believe was written halfway through the spring semester of my junior year, maybe sometime in March 2015.

I watched the video you made me for my eighteenth birthday.

I did not feel anything.

I took a deep breath and found I can finally breathe.


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